75 years of life left to die. In the first five we are nothing but moving stones, Sculpted and eroded by family and strangers. 70 years left to sleep as bones. As partially sculpted David’s, “Is this too late to change?” we think. Time might be an illusion, but can still assassinate. Just realize life … More Alazia

I am a Boomerang

America has the biggest military budget in the world. I am now sick and tired of telling Obama and congress that the boomerang bomb will never work. Boomerangs were once used to kill people. Now we use it for playing. Or that’s what I tell my neighbors. Neighbors annoy me. I am not the type … More I am a Boomerang

All I know about clowns

Clowns are usually depicted as either playful symbols of innocent fun war creepy fright. The comedy that clowns perform is usually in the role of a fool whose everyday actions and tasks become extraordinary, and for whom the ridiculous becomes ordinary. Clowns have a long history in Egypt, China and Rome, where clowns were fools who entertain … More All I know about clowns

Story Archetypes

  Classic characters and situations are called story archetypes. Story archetypes are the building blocks of fiction. They come up again and again. The Eight Key Story Archetypes Protagonist Protagonists are responsible for most of the action in a story. They take the risks and reap the rewards. As well as physical challenges, Protagonists must … More Story Archetypes

Falling Skies

I just woke up and for some reason I move towards the balcony door. I open the door and go towards the railing. I look at the sky and see the moon, but something else catches my eyes. It was small. It got bigger and bigger. It was an airplane. It was falling. I run … More Falling Skies

Pop Tarts and Me

Until a few days ago, I had never seen a pop tart, I was not sure what it was or what it looked like. All I knew at that time was that the American people loved it. The first time I heard of a pop tart was when I was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up … More Pop Tarts and Me

Marius and Sylla

The Setting Just before the time of Caesar, there existed a great rivalry between two men who had filled the world with their hatred for each other. This was the rivalry between Marius and Sylla. At that time Rome was divided into two great parties: 1. The patrician 2. The plebeian Sylla was a patrician. … More Marius and Sylla

The Tarpeian Rock

The Tarpeian Rock is a steep cliff about fifty feet high which is still to be seen in Rome, from which the worst of state criminals were sometimes thrown. They were taken up to the top by a stair, and were then hurled from the summit to die miserably in agony after falling upon the … More The Tarpeian Rock