An Unfortunate Incident [ Roderick – 1 ]

Midway upon my journey,
I found myself lost within a dense forest,
Looking around to find the path that had been lost.

With fear creeping up in my mind,
I could not breathe nor move.
So I decided to rest for a while.

Surrounded by large savage looking trees,
A place to rest I could not find,
With no other choice I started walking.

With no sun to learn from,
I chose a direction,
Random as the birth of a child.

Walking slowly towards the unknown,
With a broken sense of time,
I do know when I found the cave.

The fear, I felt no more,
For a shelter, food or water,
Are to the lost, as arrows are to the archer.

Hidden behind a trio of trees,
The cave was almost lost to me,
As I was to my intended path.

The fear returned,
For I realized that the cave maybe home to beasts.
So I found a long stick and inched closer.

Listening intently, I heard silence,
Watching closely, I saw darkness,
Fortunate was I, for my fear was not realized.

Once I was inside the cave,
In my mind was one thought,

Hunger woke me up,
In time to see the sunrise.
This time it stays unadmired


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