List of things that I cannot do or I don’t want to do

We humans live for about 70 years. And in those 70 years there are a lot of things we can do. But we may not like to do all of those things. As for most people the list of things I cannot do or don’t want to do is longer than the list of things I want to do.

I think that it is important for a person to know what they cannot do or don’t want to do. So I have decided to make a list………. And goddamn it a long list. I’ll probably have to update this list for a very long time too.

The list is quite unpolished.

1. Dancing
2. Singing
3. Rapping
4. Stand up comedy
5. Acting
6. Speaking in front of a crowd
7. Play football
8. Boxing
9. Farming
10. Talk show host
11. Insurance salesman
12. Any type of salesman
13. Working for Donald Trump
14. Animal husbandry
15. Why am I repeating myself
16. Cameraman
17. Director
18. Mining
19. Dish washer
20. Tea plantation
21. President of the United states
22. Pilot
23. Pirate
24. Thief…… maybe a robber, but not a thief
25. Teacher
26. Personal trainer
27. Dentist. I hate other people’s mouth.
28. Skin doctor
29. Maybe a diagnostician like Dr. House. Great show by the way.
30. Oncologist. They don’t cure shit.
31. Hopefully line 30 will be wrong in the future
32. Parent
33. Working in a zoo
34. Chauffeur. They seem to like billionaires. But they don’t own that stuff. It’s like giving a cat its own house in Trump Tower.
35. Construction worker
36. Veterinarian. I don’t know why.
37. Fashion
38. Tennis player
39. President of FIFA
40. Chef. Not that I don’t like food, It’s just that I’ll probably eat the whole thing. Apparently the customers get angry because of this.


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