Stream of consciousness #1

When John’s daughter died after falling of the roller coaster, he did nothing but eat his heart out.

Folks I understand that John is a little sad, but isn’t this idiom a little too exaggerating. Idioms are used to make the text more emotional by providing vivid visuals. But, isn’t resorting to cannibalism a little over the top?

Over the top. Isn’t that phrase a bit too vague? So I guess the word vague is named perfectly. Come to think of it, the rat is named perfectly too.


When I think of a rat, I think of a rat scaring the shit out of an elephant. Or is it a mouse? Fuck it.

I don’t really think that elephants have an unforgettable memory. It’s probably just that we murder them before they start forgetting things.

It’s strange but I just thought about my bicycle. I think I got it when I was in 2nd grade. I did not use it as much as I should have. Later it became too small for me and my parents gave it away to another kid. I was pissed. They should have asked me. They should have atleast told me.

Or maybe they did and I did not pay any attention to them as always.

After a few years the kid got a new cycle, they gave it back. Why? You might as well give me an L board.


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