To kill Superman

So boringly powerful, he can kill you with flick of a finger,
Remember Marvel,
Flaws make the superhero interesting.

An immigrant from krypton with no paper work,
And the American government goes bezerk.
Wait, Is the planet Krypton full of Mexicans?, ask the Republicans.

A member of a highly advanced species,
And works for a newspaper called the daily planet.
A suit, a pair of glasses and a goofy personality,
And look, Louis Lane can’t recognize you.
I guess, it’s a good thing that he’s a non human who looks exactly like humans.

To Lex Luther,

I write this letter to you because my albino Eskimo cousin always tells me, “An enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

I have an idea to get rid of superman. It needs some technical support and tinkering which I am sure you can provide. This plan is not perfect. But even if it fails, any future attempts on his life will be easier.

So this my plan. We take the battle far away from Earth. We take it far away from the sun. Since he gets his powers from the sun and the conditions of Earth, he will lose it once he is away from them. He will become normal.

Now to bring him by force is impossible and stupid. He needs to come willingly.

1. One spaceship
2. Large number of hostages consisting of important people and his close friends
3. A diversion to buy time to reach the destination with all the hostages

He now has two choices
1. Stay back on earth and let the hostages die
2. Save the hostages and die on this new planet

That’s the plan.

My name is xperion of the unwanted planet.
My address is
Pluto 221B,
Solar system,
Section 80.


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