The Cardboard Sky

When I was a boy, I used to think that the sky was made up of cardboard, a big piece of cardboard which somebody painted blue and white. But at the same time I also knew that there were other planets like Jupiter, Mars, etc.

Do they have cardboard skies too? Who put it there? Why would anybody so it?

These are the kind of thoughts that kept me out of the good schools.

When I asked somebody about this, they said “yes, it is cardboard”. Now, I just want to kill the prick.

Come to think of it, I think that person is my mother. Oh no!

Its okay she doesn’t read the blog.

Anyway, I was really serious about this. I then thought about how people curved a cardboard sheet, because I was never able to do it.

I also used to imagine myself doing my part for the world by building a tall ladder and then painting clouds using my paint brush.

Clouds… They move.

How the hell do they move? There goes my dream of becoming an artist.


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