Falling Skies

I just woke up and for some reason I move towards the balcony door. I open the door and go towards the railing. I look at the sky and see the moon, but something else catches my eyes. It was small. It got bigger and bigger. It was an airplane. It was falling.

I run out the door and into my bedroom. I take some money and put my laptop into my bag. And I run. I run out of my room. I run through my living room and out the front door. I run down the stairs.

Now I am outside the house. I look up and I see that the airplane is much closer than before. I run again. Scared.

I see a small house in the distance. “That’s where I have to go”, I thought for reasons I don’t know.

As I am running towards that house, I look up. It’s not just the plane now, there is also a falling truck, a car and other things that should not be found in the goddamn fucking sky.

Finally, I reach the house. I go into the house. I sit down in a bed that I found. A few moments later I hear a noise. It’s a bike’s engine.

There is somebody else here.

I look out carefully out the garage door and I see a man. He sees me too. He shouldn’t have. I am really scared right now. “I need a weapon.”, I thought. So I take a short metal rod lying on the floor.

Suddenly I saw a woman. She was a friend of this guy. I just assumed that because they were both wearing similar black colored clothes. She stared at me for a second and just walked away.

I don’t know how this happened but suddenly I was fighting him. It was a very quick fight. He punches but I dodge and strike him with the metal rod. He falls. I know he is dead.


Then I wake up.



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