Most people are dumb. Some people are dumber.

I’m thinking of buying a cat. I am also going to name him “meow” so that he can introduce himself to the people he might come across.

When I was young, most of the people around me used to say that when a black cat crosses you on the street, something bad was going to happen. Well… most are fucking stupid.

This is why people read the astrology column in newspapers. They think that the position of Jupiter is going to affect their job promotion and relationships. No John, you lost your job because you can’t do arithmetic.

Vagueness is the only thought that comes to my mind when I read some of these things in the paper. These things are so vague that if you are given the horoscope of another sign, you will not realize it even after the day is over.

The higher your belief in astrology, the lower your knowledge in basic astronomy is. These people are part of a mass cultural delusion that the position of the sun, planets and stars along with the time of birth somehow affects their personality.

Folks you don’t need this. I’ll tell you what you need to know. If you grew up in a shitty stupid place or your parents were shitty stupid people you will also probably be shitty stupid people and shitty stupid things will happen to you.

What else??? Hmmmmm… yes, palm readings. Apparently the random swirls in our hands tell us about our future and the past. (Sigh of despair)
But you have to stand in awe for the all time shitty concept called religion. I’ll write about it later. It’s going to take a while.

There are lot more stuff like this.

I could go on but I feel my veins bursting. My heart just stopped. Shit, maybe it was that cat.

Good bye Cerebral cortex.



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