Stream of conciousness #2

I have always wanted to be a spy… probably not the best thing to say to anyone if you do want to be a spy.

If you make a hole in a fishing net, you are actually reducing the number of holes.

I’m thinking of buying a cat. I am also going to name him “meow” so that he can introduce himself to the people he might come across.

Barrack Obama has changed Hollywood forever. Now, whenever a director wants to cast a President, he has to as ask himself a question, “Black or white”.

Obama will also become a standard test question. “Who was the first black president of the United states of America?” And some kids are going to say Bill Clinton.

Just a side note. His affair with Monica Lewinski is Hillary’s problem, not the rest of the world’s. He was doing a good job as president. It did not affect his presidency. He seems to be a good multi tasker.


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