I am a Boomerang

America has the biggest military budget in the world. I am now sick and tired of telling Obama and congress that the boomerang bomb will never work.

Boomerangs were once used to kill people. Now we use it for playing. Or that’s what I tell my neighbors. Neighbors annoy me. I am not the type of person who likes hanging out with people and doing things. I prefer to be alone. That’s why I consider myself to be a boomerang.

Some might say… sociopath. But I say, boomerang.

You need a lot of space to be a happy boomerang. Boomerangs prefer the company of an external void. They are the exact opposite of the people I call Frisbees. They prefer company and like to fill up their space and time like air filling the lungs.

I used to have a boomerang and I threw it one day. Now I live in constant fear. I threw it at a ghost actually. Someday it’s going to come back and haunt me. I might need a priest if that happens. I’ll get the priest from the one of the Hollywood movies. But I know these things don’t work. Why do they think that it does? Jesus was nailed to a cross, not a boomerang.


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