Open letter to my bladder

Dear Bladder,

I remember you from the time I started having memories. You are one of the most underrated organs in all of human history. No one talks about you. No one. Poets, artists, writers, singers always talk about the heart and to a lesser extent, the mind.

Without you, hearts will be literally full of shit and pump piss. Minds will go bezerk. People cannot function.

But sometimes you are like a dog barking its head off while someone nearby tries to play chess. You can be irritating and its mostly because of your size. You’re too small and it is my humble request that you try to do something about it.

You tend to disturb the peace by forcing people to get up and move to the toilet. It takes a lot of energy to control you. It’s like living with a four year old child.

Send my regards to the kidneys… On second thought, don’t.



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