Thoughts on the terrace

Standing on top of this building always makes me wonder what it would feel like to just jump. I don’t want to die, but its just that I’m curious. Its stupid, because I know exactly how this is going to end. A pool of blood with flesh and bone. The building is 8 floors high and I’m about 130 lbs. So I will have about 5 seconds of air time. Atleast its more than Jordan’s. There are a lot of people around. They are all busy doing mundane activities. From here I can see a garbage man. He looks so tiny from where I am and I am sure he is not doing what he wants to do. No one grows up wanting haul garbage. He is not a happy man. He is talking to somebody right now. He’s laughing but he is not happy. How can he be? His life revolves around the shit other people throw out. I don’t want to be like him. Will anyone notice if I jump? Its too loud, so I don’t think they will. Even if they do, what is the long lasting? A few screams, temporarily accelerated heartbeats and a wet ground. Not what I want.


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