Pop Tarts and Me

Until a few days ago, I had never seen a pop tart, I was not sure what it was or what it looked like. All I knew at that time was that the American people loved it. The first time I heard of a pop tart was when I was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s stand up … More Pop Tarts and Me

Marius and Sylla

The Setting Just before the time of Caesar, there existed a great rivalry between two men who had filled the world with their hatred for each other. This was the rivalry between Marius and Sylla. At that time Rome was divided into two great parties: 1. The patrician 2. The plebeian Sylla was a patrician. … More Marius and Sylla

The Tarpeian Rock

The Tarpeian Rock is a steep cliff about fifty feet high which is still to be seen in Rome, from which the worst of state criminals were sometimes thrown. They were taken up to the top by a stair, and were then hurled from the summit to die miserably in agony after falling upon the … More The Tarpeian Rock

A Fiery Sun

A fiery sun in the sky, Heat and light, it provides. A little too close, A little too far, You die. But by time’s hand, it too has to die.

True Fiction

Standing on the tower, “I need wings”, I thought, And I felt something close to my shoulders. I jumped, Hoping to fly. “Die”, I heard a voice. Face smashed on the asphalt, And I woke on my floor.

The Cardboard Sky

When I was a boy, I used to think that the sky was made up of cardboard, a big piece of cardboard which somebody painted blue and white. But at the same time I also knew that there were other planets like Jupiter, Mars, etc. Do they have cardboard skies too? Who put it there? … More The Cardboard Sky


Learn the art of broken pieces, To mend broken cups, plates and pots, Line it with lacquer mixed with gold. Recognizing the history, Repair but don’t disguise. Embrace the damage, For they are the fingerprints of its life. Ceramic minds offer no insights, It needs an iron hammer or just let it fall, Now remove … More Kintsugi

Two pills

Two pills in my hand, I don’t know which one to choose, To help me decipher the world, I need somebody to tell me what to do. Logic and Emotion are two different people, Like Sherlock Holmes and Kendrick Lamar, Can find criminals and express hardships, Kill criminals and frame laws. Impossible for a person … More Two pills

To kill Superman

So boringly powerful, he can kill you with flick of a finger, Remember Marvel, Flaws make the superhero interesting. An immigrant from krypton with no paper work, And the American government goes bezerk. Wait, Is the planet Krypton full of Mexicans?, ask the Republicans. A member of a highly advanced species, And works for a … More To kill Superman