A Savage Beauty

Swimming across the Atlantic is Adeline,
A savage beauty scarred by time,
Born in a world of great crime.

Capturing the hearts of men,
Imprisoning them in iron shackles,
Enslaving them for a lifetime.

The slaver of thousands,
A trader of flesh, a lover of gold,
O! She can be so cold.

Africa to the Americas, an oceanic journey of 10 weeks,
But doesn’t give birth any black envy,
To be bought and sold like any commodity,
Like sugar, tobacco or coffee.

Had a chance to fight back,
But the dark kings and lords wanted to fill their sacks.
Started by trading thieves, outlaws and war criminals,
Later seeking all the other Negros.
Brothers betrayed by brothers,
Traded for guns, goods and precious metals,
Also sold their moral code to the ships gutters.

Four square feet of space with the smell of dread,
Smaller than a coffin for the dead.
Treated like cattle,
Supported by the insane views of Aristotle.

Jumping ship when the chance arises,
They’d rather be dead bodies drifting in the Atlantic.
Soon to be dead beings, this is what the ship comprises.


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